CCZ-Ⅹ Fancy Yarn Development Machine

CCZ-Ⅹ Fancy Yarn Development Machine

Model: CCZ-Ⅹ
Spec: 18 Spindle
Type: Normal

Available for spinning

*Slub Yarn,  Wave Slub Yarn

* Core Spun Yarn (single, double)

* Injected Color Yarn (Slub Injected Color Yarn, Mosaic Color Yarn)

Can also spin Core Spun Slub Yarn, Core Spun Injected Color Yarn, Color AB Slub Yarn, Slub+ Slub Injected Color Yarn, etc.

New Intelligence

The machine has the function of intelligent connection, which can be operated and monitored remotely through wireless network to improve the production efficiency and ensure the yarn quality.