CCZ-XI Modularized E-drive Spinning Device

Wide range of applications, ordinary spinning machines are applicable. A wide range of spinnable varieties, Servo drivenwhich has


CCZ-9A Intelligent Corrugated Yarn Device

Strong functions at process bank and expert process, with all regular and irregular spinning techniques, as well as corrugated


ZQB-8A Intelligent Cotton Regularity Instrument

Intelligent digital PID regulation and controlsystem.3 sensors track and test comprehensively. Compensation


CCZ-Ⅹ Fancy Yarn Development Machine

Slub Yarn,  Wave Slub Yarn, Core Spun Yarn (single, double), Injected Color Yarn (Slub Injected Color Yarn, Mosaic Color Yarn), Can also


CCZ-8 High Precision Intelligent Slub Device

It enhances the spinning process, and meets the needs of manufacturers for different cloth style. It effectively improves tracking technology


CCB Cotton Auto-leveler Regulating Instrument

adopts PLC from Germany as its control center and imported Japanese variable frequency drive with vector control


CCZ-7S Multi-function Compound Fancy Yarn Device

Unique Drafting System, Power Intelligent Core and IOT Technology, Accurate Positioning System, Compared to Old


CCZ-Ⅶ Servo System Device for Fancy Yarn

One machine for multiple purposes, Composite yarn with gradual changes in segment colors, Segment color yarn, Slub


Servo System

Servo system consists of servo driver and servo motor, It's one of the important components of CCZ series fancy yarn  device




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Wuxi Hengjiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. in the automatic textile industry over the past two decades. It has upheld its motto of "Manifest Innovation through Perseverance, Achieve Far with Time". It serves as one of the organizations to develop standards for automatic cotton spinning leveling devices. It provides a variety of fancy yarn devices.

Thanks to the innovative experience accumulated over more than twenty years, the Company has a number of patents and software copyrights. Its "Hengjiu High-Tech" brand has fully shown its visibility. It has established cooperation and achieved a win-win relationship with several wellknown manufactures at home and abroad. So far it has won trust from more than 2000 company customers by exporting its products to Southeast Asia.

In 1992, Hengjiu Electrical successfully applied variable frequency technology in technological reform of blowing machinery, and took the ZQB series blowing instrument with variable frequency in China.

In 1995, it developed CCA auto-leveler regulating instrument, reducing the unevenness issue that seriously disturbed textile enterprises with its high-end technology. In 1997, CCB cotton auto-leveler regulating instrument replaced importations by making significant contributions in such respects as the massive supporting and reforms of Qingdao Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Saurer (Jintan) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. and Dongjia Group, promoting the automation applied in textile industry and raising the automation level of Chinese textile industry.

In 2000, model CCZ servo driven slub yarn devices were widely applied. Afterwards, the Company has continued with upgrading and innovation, launched in succession model CCZ-VII multi-functional fancy yarn devices, CCZ-8 intelligent high precision slub yarn devices, CCZ-9A intelligent corrugated yarn device(premium slub yarn device), CCZ-7S multi-functional fancy yarn Devices, CCZ-Ⅹmulti-functional fancy yarn development machine and CCZ-XI modularized fully E-drive devices. It has become an enterprise widely known within the   industry. It dedicates itself to creating values for customers, and cooperating the whole industry on an innovative path.